Humanity’s biggest danger.

In 1988 our planet reached the highest concentration of CO2 in at least a million years. Since then, each year has exceeded the previous and in 2018 we reached the dreaded threshold of 400 parts per million.

The solution that was always here.

In a single hour, the Sun radiates to the Earth four times more energy than our entire civilization consumes as electricity in a year.

With no need for moral imperatives.

The electricity auctions in Mexico, Dubai and Chile showed that, for sunny climates, solar energy is by far the cheapest source of power. And there’s nothing sunnier than the mighty Atacama Desert in northern Chile.

Yet there’s a big BUT in front of us.

Electricity demand requires continuous, steady supply.

If there’s a holy grail out there these days, it’s Storage, because Innovations in Electricity Storage will change the economics of wind and solar power. – Daniel Yergin, 2014

Valhalla has solved it.

We will produce the cheapest unsubsidized 24/7 solar energy in the world. Clean. Infinitely abundant. Cheaper than coal.

How? when the sun shines, our Solar PV Plant provides electricity,

  1. Part of which goes to our Customer.
  2. The rest is consumed to pump water up to a natural reservoir, which is let go at night to generate electricity.

Where? The Atacama Desert also has the best conditions in the world for pumped storage hydro plants:

High coastal cliffs very close to the ocean, that contain natural surface concavities which can be used for the storage of seawater without the construction of dams. This dramatically minimizes the environmental footprint as well as cost.

Renewable Energy Storage is the Biggest Private Market Opportunity in all of History. – Al Gore, 2015
The Concept (4:27)